Bayfield, WI UFO Sept 1975

Man Reports Daylight Disc

September 15, 7:00-7:20 PM

Garner Hadland, Bayfield, WI, owner of local Cable TV station, reported that he had seen a circular UFO hovering over the hills of Bayfield in daylight. It appeared to have no windows, looked like it was made of “cast aluminum,” had a dome on the top and a hump on the bottom, size about 100 feet in diameter. It was tilted, which allowed a better view. Hadland also stated that there were “vapor trails” leading upward into the sky. It was hovering down over the trees and one side of it, the side away from the sun, was bright orange… He went home to get his camera, but his wife and son become so excited that they hurried out forgetting the camera, for which he is still kicking himself. When they arrived at the scene the UFO had moved, but they followed it until it zoomed off. He mentioned in his telephone conversation that one other man had observed the vapor trails in the sky but apparently did not see the object. I have asked him to check for any other observers. He has the book, THIS BAFFLING WORLD, by John Godwin, and told me the object he saw resembled a picture on page 84, the picture in the lower photograph being observed by two people. I have asked Hadland for a written report. 

Eugene T. Lundholm, “Man Reports Daylight Disc,” Skylook: The UFO Monthly 97 (December, 1975)

One Comment on “Bayfield, WI UFO Sept 1975

  1. These craft are real and baffling. They have been here on earth thousands of years. We fly around too.


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