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Keep up with the latest developing stories in UFO News here at UFOdays because “It’s Happening!” and you don’t want to miss it. It’s hard to tell the differences between a reliable UFO news story and an unreliable one. On the one hand, the UFO field is full of crazy sensationalism and, on the other, blind skeptical debunking. At UFOdays, we keep an eye on the UFO beat, and we’ll post links to the most recent and credible stories here at your one-stop source for quality UFO News without the UFO nuts.

CNN 8/13/2020 Pentagon to launch task force to investigate UFO sightings.

USA Today 7/29/2020 In 2020, anything’s possible. New government intelligence might prove alien life is, too.

Times Insider 7/28/2020 Do we believe in U.F.O.s?

UFOdays.net 7/27/2020 Scientists call for UFO studies.

Scientific American 7/27/2020 “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena,” better known as UFOs, deserve scientific investigation

UFOdays.net 7/23-28/2020

New York times 7/23/2020 No longer in the shadows, the Pentagon’s U.F.O. unit will make some findings public.

CBS 7/17/2020 Senator Marco Rubio on UAPs

The Drive 7/15/2020 Newly released FAA documents give unprecedented look into Colorado drone swarm mystery.

Newsweek 7/2/2020 On World UFO Day, Congress wants ‘unidentified’ sightings to be declassified.

UFOdays.net 6/28/2020 New Air Force UFO near-miss reports.

The Drive 6/26/2020 Here are the Air Force’s reports on aircrew encounters with unidentified flying craft.

UFOdays.net 6/24/2020 Senate bill reveals Navy UFO research.

UFOdays.net 6/24/2020 Senate Intelligence Committee demands UFO disclosure.

Politico 6/23/2020 Senators want the public to see the government’s UFO reports.

UFODays.net 6/21/2020 Trump promises Roswell disclosure.

NBC 6/19/2020 Trump says he’s heard ‘very interesting’ things about Roswell.

New York Times 5/15/2020 Navy Reports Describe Encounters with Unexplained Flying Objects.

UFOdays.net 5/14/2020 Brazil UFO Crash.

The Drive 5/12/2020 Navy Pilots Reports with UFOs off the East Coast

Yahoo! 4/30/2019 Trump responds to Pentagon UFO video.

CNN 4/27/2020 Pentagon officially releases UFO videos.

Mystery Wire 2/20/2020 Spy admits government watched UFO researchers–and it continues today.

UFOdays.net 2/15/2010 Government Program Disclosure: UFOs are real.

Popular Mechanics 2/15/2020 Inside the Pentagon’s Secret UFO Program.

Vice 1/10/2020 Navy has secret classified video of an infamous UFO incident.

Fox News: Top Ten Stories UFO Stories of 2019.

Business Insider 12/21/2019 Navy pilot who filmed tic-tac doesn’t want to be associated with aliens.

Washington Examiner 11/27/2019 Birds, Balloons, or UFOs: What Violated DC Airspace?

The Drive 11/25/2019 Area 51 veteran and CIA electronic warfare pioneer weigh in on Navy UFO encounters

Popular Mechanics 11/12/2019 What exactly did the Navy encounter fifteen years ago off the California coast?

UFOdays.net 10/31/2019 UFOs could trigger nuclear war between India and Pakistan

Popular Mechanics 10/30/2019 Ex-Military and NASA veterans form UFO research group

CNN 10/24/2019 Edward Snowden searched the CIA networks for proof that aliens exist

VICE Motherboard 10/23/2019 Silicon Valley Startup dedicated to investigating UFOS off California coast

The Drive 10/17/2019 The Army teaming up with UFO research company

Popular Mechanics 10/17/2019 The Army and a UFO Group are Investigating Something

Minneapolis Star-Tribune 10/14/2019 UFOs are back in the News and Minnesotans are seeing them.

UFOdays 10/16/2019 China’s Flying Saucer Helicopter (CNN and Global Times)

SOFREP 10/09/2019 Navy Admits UFOs … Will USOs be next?

VICE 10/4/2019 UFO Lobbyists in Washington, Lawmakers are listening

New York Times 9/26/2019 How Tom Delonge became a UFO researcher

NBC NEWS 9/19/2019 Navy confirms videos did capture UFO sightings

Popular Mechanics 9/16/2019 Navy Says those Videos are Real.

Yahoo 9/15/2019 Michio Kaku speaks at UFOlogy World Congress

UFOdays.net 9/10/2019 Navy Replies to Rep. Mark Walker’s Request for Info

Politico 9/6/2019 Navy Accused of Withholding Information on UFOs

Gallup 9/6/2019 Poll Indicates Majority of Americans Believe Govt. Knows More About UFOs.

The Atlantic 9/4/2019 Storm Area 51 could be Disaster.

Bloomberg News 8/29/2019 Elon Musk Reveals What He Knows About Aliens and Area 51.

The Drive 7/30/2019 Congressman has written official letter to the Navy demanded answers on UFOs.

UFOdays.net 7/31/2019 on Rep. Mark Walker’s letter to Navy.

Politico 7/30/2019 Republican lawmaker presses Navy on UFO sightings 

NPR 7/15/2019 More than 1 Million People Agree to Storm Area 51 but Air Force says “Stay Home.”

UFOdays.net 8/6/2019 Gun Camera Videos Solved?

The Drive 7/9/2019 Upgrade to Infrared Sensors Could be Huge for UFO Reporting Vice 6/28/2019 Meet Silicon Valley’s UFO Hunters

The Drive 6/28/2019 Navy Got UFO Patent Granted Warning of Similar Chinese Tech

Video 6/21/2019 Senator Mark Warner after UFO Briefing June 21, 2019

The Drive 6/20/2019 UFO Encounters with Navy Pilots Occurred Constantly

Politico 6/19/2019 Senators get classified briefing on UFO sightings

USA Today President Trump Briefed on UFOs

The National Interest 6/9/2019 From Russia, China, or Somewhere Beyond?

The Drive 5/30/2019 Carrier Group In Recent UFO Encounters

New York Times 5/26/2019 Navy Pilots Report Unexplained Flying Objects

Youtube 5/26/2019 The Nimitz Encounters

Military.com 4/24/2019 New Navy Guidelines for Reporting UFOs

To The Stars Academy 2018 2004 USS NIMITZ FLIR1 VIDEO

CNN 12/17/2019 Former Navy Pilot: UFO ‘something I had never seen in my life’

New York Times 12/16/2017 The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program

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