Flying Saucers 1947

The modern era of flying saucers and UFOs properly began in 1947 with the story of Kenneth Arnold. What started with an isolated incident near Mount Rainier quickly became a national phenomenon. For several weeks in the summer of 1947, reports of flying saucers dominated the headlines of American newspapers. Conventional wisdom debunks the entire UFO wave of 1947 as “mass hysteria” and unreliable journalism, but a closer look at the original newspapers reveals a completely different story.

If you have any doubt at all that the UFO phenomenon is real, you need seek no further evidence than the stories of the 1947 UFO wave. This free online book, Flying Saucers 1947 (exclusively from does exactly that, chapter by chapter. We’ll post a new chapter about once a week.

Flying Saucers 1947

Chapter One: Operation Charlie and the X Raids

Chapter Two: The Man who saw the Men from Mars

Chapter Three: Early Birds

Chapter Four: Something Very Real


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The 1947 UFO Wave–A Case Study



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