UFO Lectures and Bus Tours

It’s happening! July 29-31, 2022

UFO enthusiasts rejoice! Elmwood’s annual UFO Days celebration is happening. You don’t want to miss it this year. In addition to the regular street carnival fun, antique car show, tractor pull, craft fair, food vendors, parade, and live music, there’s a bunch of extraterrestrial stuff going on. For good reasons Elmwood is called the UFO CAPITAL OF THE WORLD!

See the full schedule here.

Bus Tour of UFO Encounter Sites

The festival has scheduled free bus tours that bring you to the locations around rural Elmwood where the famous encounters occurred. Tom Forester, the son of the schoolteacher chased by the flying saucer in 1975, leads the tour and narrates the encounters. Tom was one of the children in the car the night the UFO Followed Elmwood Schoolteacher’s Car, and he’s had his own mysterious encounters since then. Bus tours will be on Saturday afternoon.

UFO Lectures and Presentations

Learn the details about real UFO stories that really happened in and around Elmwood.

Amazing and freak-you-out lectures in the city’s air-conditioned auditorium tell the stories of Elmwood’s famous UFO history. Bill Johnson was a researcher with APRO (Aerial Phenomena Research Organization) when the George Wheeler UFO encounters happened, and he conducted the initial case investigation. He will present that story and other important cases from Elmwood. That same day, yours truly from UFOdays.net will offer a presentation titled “The Elmwood Encounters” exploring additional local stories, old and new, for a broader picture of UFO activity around Elmwood. Both lectures are free and open to the public.

Oh, and we are also still hoping that local UFO Researcher and paranormal superstar Chad Lewis might work the festival into his schedule and favor us with a special presentation on weird Wisconsin stuff and UFOs. We’ll let you know as the last full weekend in July draws nearer.

Saturday, July 30
  • 1:00 PM UFO Investigation in Elmwood: Bill Johnson
  • 5:00 PM The Elmwood Encounters: UFOdays.net

UFOdays.net at the Wretched Raven

UFOdays.net will again have a table set up at the Wretched Raven novelty shop at 116 S. Main Street, Elmwood. Stop in to do some extraordinary shopping at the Raven, pick up some free stuff from UFOdays.net, listen to a UFO story, and tell us about your own encounters. We are always looking for more Elmwood Area stories to add to the chronicle. We plan to be there throughout the three days of the festival, eating cheese curds and UFO Burgers and talking about weird stuff.

Don’t wait until Disclosure to hit the souvenir shop. If you have never made the annual UFO pilgrimage to Elmwood, this is your year. It’s not too far to Elmwood. If the aliens can make the trip, so can you.

It’s Happening.

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