Elmwood Encounters 1975

Officer George Wheeler and schoolteacher Carole Forester encountered UFOs around Elmwood in 1975, but there’s a lot more to the story than just two or three UFO encounters. This lecture puts the Elmwood Encounters in context as part of a larger area-wide UFO Flap that had everyone looking to the skies. I delivered this lecture live at UFO Days 2022 in Elmwood, WI.

By the way, UFO Days 2022 was a blast! The bus tours to the local UFO encounter locations were packed out. They had to add an extra trip to pick up the overflow. The lectures were also well-attended. I picked up some more exciting local UFO stories and lore, met a bunch of people, did an interview for a podcast, and a whole bunch more stuff than that.

I’ll be posting pictures and video from the festival to our new Instagram account and to our YouTube channel.

It’s Happening! Follow UFOdays.net on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

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