Encounter at Balsam Lake


Forty years ago in UFO History, on September 3, 1979, a UFO descended on a rural highway in Polk County, somewhere near Balsam Lake. This encounter occurred a few days after Officer Val Johnson’s patrol car had been struck in Northwest Minnesota by a similar encounter with a nocturnal light that left the car damaged and the officer unconscious. Moreover, a remarkably similar incident occurred near Vermillion, SD only a few days earlier.

In this case, two middle-age couples from Minneapolis were on their way to a cabin in the Balsam Lake area. They were riding together in a car when they encountered “a large intensely red, glowing disc” over the road ahead of them. It was 9:30 PM, well past dark at that time of year. As soon as they saw the object, the car’s electrical systems abruptly failed. The headlights and dash lights went out, leaving no illumination except the mysterious glowing object in the road ahead.

The driver of the car hit the brakes and skidded the vehicle to a stop in the middle of the highway. The red glowing light seemed to react by shooting off to the southwest. As it did, the cars electrical systems returned to normal. The entire encounter took only a few moments.

This encounter was just one of a series of similar incidents investigated by CUFOS investigator Badley Ayers in the fall of 1979. Read the whole story here.

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5 Comments on “Encounter at Balsam Lake

  1. From My Personal Experience, As Well As Research Done, It Seems To Me That There Are 2 Groups Of Aliens: Good & Bad.
    The Ones Who Leave Their Contactees With Positive, Uplifting Lives Afterward Are The Good ‘Aliens’ Who May Be The Contactees’ Future Selves.
    & Of Course The Contactees Left With Debilitated Lives After An Encounter Are From Bad ‘Aliens’ Who Could Be From A Nefarious Secret Gov’t Program Allied With The ‘Deep State’.


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