Gun Camera Videos Solved?

The most famous UFO video in recent years may actually just be the flare of a a jet when viewed with an infrared camera. Mick West, a self-proclaimed “debunker” and “skeptic” with a Youtube following has offered a strong argument making that case:

The Gimbal video is infrared gun-camera footage apparently declassified by the Pentagon before being  publicized and disseminated by To The Stars Academy in conjunction with the 2017 New York Times story. On closer examination, it appears that the mysterious footage may just be the result of viewing another jet in infrared mode.

This explanation is probably disappointing for those of us excited by the release of the video along with the New York Times story on the Pentagon’s secret program to study the phenomenon, but without context and more information, it’s safest to assume that the video only appears to depict something unconventional. This would explain why the defense establishment, which is notoriously tightfisted with actually UFO evidence, felt no need to keep these videos classified.

Even the seemingly inexplicable in-flight rotation of the object has a conventional explanation:

Hopefully, improved infrared sensors, soon to be deployed on Navy aircraft, will provide better and mores solid evidence in the future.

Mick West’s work on these videos is similar to the case with the infrared gun-camera  footage released by the Chilean Navy in early 2017. That video, which went viral on the internet overnight, depicted infrared footage of an unidentified object venting some substance. (Chem-trails? Aliens seeding earth’s atmosphere?) Closer investigation of the strange video by Robert Powell of MUFON’s Scientific Review Board revealed it to be merely the heat flare of a commercial aircraft. It would be great to hear Robert Powell’s assessment of these videos, but, unfortunately, he bailed out of MUFON in 2017 for various reasons that allegedly included their choice of sensationalist speakers at a 2017 conference–part of MUFON’s ongoing recent problems with credibility.

It get’s worse. Mick West has also analyzed the so-called “Go Fast” video which was also released by To the Stars and also featured on the History Channel’s new UFO series. He presents an extremely compelling case for identifying the unidentified object as a balloon moving in the wind. Sounds unlikely? Watch the video:

And what about the celebrated “Tic-Tac” video shot by the Nimitz crew? Well, that looks pretty much just like a regular commercial jet too:

In each of these videos, we are dealing with flight crews still learning how to use the latest in infrared sensor technology. That means that the pilots are still learning  how to interpret the data and might easily be mistaking conventional targets for something extraordinary. It also explains why the Pentagon did not hesitate to declassify these videos.

Don’t expect the UFO community to relinquish extraterrestrial claims about these now iconic videos–ever. History has proven that, no matter how plausible the explanation, how verifiable the data, or how blatant the fraud, UFO enthusiasts resist conventional explanations. But real scientific analysis of the phenomenon has no room for religious dogmatism or blind belligerence, and Mick West’s explanations are far more economical in terms of commonsense credibility than the expensive UFO interpretations.

Just because “I want to believe” doesn’t justify  ignoring contrary evidence.

You can rely on us at to give you the real story, without the hype. When plausible explanations are presented for the phenomenon, we won’t hesitate to offer them. We are  committed to the facts because the facts speak for themselves: It’s happening.


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