Close Encounter at Dresser, WI


Forty years ago, several witnesses had a close encounter with a UFO just two miles east of Dresser, WI. It happened on September 5, 1979. The morning after the New Richmond sightings and two days after the Balsam Lake encounter , a 25-year-old army veteran working as an employee at Trollhaugen Ski Area was driving his Chevrolet Blazer on Highway MM, two miles east of Dresser in Polk County. About 10:45 a.m. he saw a small, dark object above the tree line on the horizon about a half mile ahead. Within a few seconds, the object was directly ahead of him some fifty feet above the ground.

The driver pulled over and exited the vehicle for a better look. He described the object as 6-8 feet in diameter and 2-4 feet in height. As he was watching this thing, it moved across the road and descended in a bean field to his right, where it finally came to a stop and hovered about 10 feet above the vegetation. A passing trucker pulled over and joined the observation. Together, they watched the object ascend to about 200 feet and move over nearby East Lake.

The same trucker saw the disk again, later in the day, above a nearby gravel pit where he worked. He and three others watched it come over the gravel pit and ascend into clear sky at about an 85-degree angle. The men at the gravel pit estimated the silver disk to be 10 feet across and 3-4 feet deep.

It may be completely unrelated, but the army veteran who originally saw the object began to experience another strange phenomenon at their home. Shortly after the sighting, the man, his wife, and his two daughters were troubled by what they called “a strange beeping sound” emanating from the wooded area near their home. At times the beeping became so intense it woke the man from sleep at night. Even the family dog was troubled by the “Morse-code-like” sound that faded from strong to soft. The family searched the wooded area around their home and found nothing which might account for it. The Close Encounter at Dresser was just one in a series of September 1975 UFO sightings. Read the whole story here.

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4 Comments on “Close Encounter at Dresser, WI

  1. Here’s an update to the Dresser story that I found from an old APRO Bulletin (Dec 79):
    Larry Hogan sighted an object in the sky which made the dark green foliage of the woods an excellent background for defining the lines of the metallic silvery craft. In Dresser, Wisconsin, the object made absolutely no noise as it hovered over the Louis Kloce bean field about 10 feet above the vegetation. There were no external features to the craft, no lights or appendages and, at that point, it seemed to be moving about 30-40 mph. Hogan was joined by a man from Yellow River Supply. The two saw the silvery object rise slowly and move to the southeast over East Lake where it again seemed to hover at an altitude which witnesses estimated at 200 feet. Common observations of the witnesses were that the vehicle moved in a deliberate manner and that it was intelligently controlled, possibly by remote control. It seemed to have a purpose – ‘like one of our space probes’, the men said. The size was estimated at 6 to 8 feet with a 2 to 4 foot thickness and silvery to reddish metallic coloring.
    A.P.R.O. Bulletin (Dec. ’79)


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