Aaron Rodgers UFO Encounter

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has launched a lot of flying objects down the field in his career, but he’s also had an encounter with an Unidentified Flying Object. At UFOdays.net, we are about Wisconsin, Minnesota, and UFOs. It all comes together when Rodgers tells the story of a UFO he saw in New Jersey fifteen years ago.

The Aaron Rodgers UFO story has been around for a while, but Rodgers recently retold the incident in a Pat McAfee interview.

Rodgers wasn’t the only witness. In 2005, Rodgers and Packers teammate Steve Levy had the encounter at Levy’s family home in Cornwall, Orange County New York. “We started hearing this weird noise and we were like, ‘What the hell is that?; it’s 12:30, 1:00 at night,’” Levy said. Rodgers and the Levi family went out into the backyard and saw a strange colored light moving back and forth, in and out of the clouds.

“We didn’t say a damn word to each other; we just looked at it and watched it,” Levy said in recordonline. “It went on for minutes and out of nowhere it just took off in the direction of my front yard.”

Levy and Rodgers bolted through the house to try to get to the front yard to continue watching, but it was gone. Less than a minute later, the house began to shake as fight jets which seemed to be in pursuit on the same trajectory flew low over the house.

“There were three of them that seemed to be chasing whatever this was,” Rodgers says. Levi concurs, “There were three or four fighter jets that were no higher than 1,500 feet above my house. They were chasing something.”

That same night, about an hour after the sighting, Levy and Rodgers heard sirens go off at Indian Point, a nearby nuclear power plant in Westchester County. Coincidence? Who knows.

Rodgers says, “After that, I really got into researching that because we had this story we couldn’t explain … it’s was just something that I definitely got into and have done more research over the years.”

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