Elmwood, WI dubs itself the UFO capital of the world and, at one time, made a bid to put in a UFO landing center. A quiet little town set in a valley of Pierce County, Elmwood boasts a series of unexplained encounters with UFOs dating back to the mid-70s and celebrates the legacy with an annual festival called “UFO Days.”

Visit the official Elmwood, WI city website.

Here’s the schedule for UFO Days 2019. Visit the UFO Days Facebook page where you can find a copy of the UFO Days 2019 Poster. Check out all of the fun activities including some new ones this year too. There is something for everyone and all ages! Some require pre-registration so look it over closely, mark your calendars and share with your friends. See you the last weekend in July! Click here for information on Elmwood UFO Days.

Here’s a list of stories about the Elmwood Encounters

Disclaimer: Ufodays.net is an unofficial fan site of the Elmwood UFO Days event but is neither sponsored by nor endorsed by the organizers and hosts of Elmwood, UFO Days.

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