Massive Saucer over Elmwood, WI (1963)

The following Elmwood, WI UFO account was submitted to in July 2019. Name withheld at the request of the witness.

I saw a UFO over Elmwood in the early 1960s.

I just recently looked up Elmwood because my family is from there, and I found your website. I think what you guys at are doing is awesome! Also, Doris Wheeler, the wife of George Wheeler, was once my dad’s secretary. I have my own Elmwood UFO story, but my story happened about a decade before George Wheeler’s. I was 9-10 years old, which would make it around 1963. I was a young independent kid, sort of a wild child. That night, I was sleeping outdoors as I often did in the summer. However, this particular night, I was with a friend. We decided, in the middle of the night, to go raid gardens: rhubarb and green apples. We were somewhere on Elm Street, but looking at the map it looks like we were by the Elm Valley Veterinary Clinic Area. (Was that Frank Springer’s old office?) We were under the plumb trees and walked into the opening when suddenly it was very bright. A fluorescent light showed on the ground and it looked like a weird daylight. It was like we were standing under a fluorescent streetlight.

A Massive Saucer

artem-kovalev-jGN7JUKZcU0-unsplashI looked up and, there in the sky, I saw a very big light. It was very large, silent, and round. The bottom had the fluorescent light and around the edges was more of a yellow light. It looked just like a typical round saucer—like the ones in the photos, except around the outside edge it had what looked like headlights or round lights with a different type of white light. The bottom was domed shaped and had that fluorescent light that was showing on the ground. It was huge and just above the treetops, about the size of two houses.

I said to my friend, “Oh my! It’s going to hit the treetops.” It didn’t. It moved very slowly, smoothly, and silently over the houses and trees.

I was stunned. Looking at this huge object, I was thinking to myself that it was going to hit the trees. I said to my friend, “Oh my! It’s going to hit the treetops.” It didn’t. It moved very slowly, smoothly, and silently over the houses and trees. It did not make a sound. It was very scary. After just a few seconds, I said something else to my friend and we hightailed it to our campsite, which was close by. This is something I will NEVER forget. Even today, I remember it as though it was yesterday.

A Frightening Experience

It scared the crap out of us, and we never spoke another word about it. I didn’t tell anyone either. Like I said, I was a wild child and figured no one would believe me if I told anyone. I’m not sure if my friend said anything to anyone else or not. I’m not even sure what ever happened to her. I wish I could find her now and get her take on all of this.image

In later years, I tried doing some research to see if I could figure out what we saw that night. The object I saw looked like a typical flying saucer, as depicted in many pictures and drawings, except that the dome was on the bottom instead of the top and it appeared fluorescent with yellowish headlights all around the outside edges. I am wondering if they fly upside down when they are scoping things out. Someone else must have seen it that night too.

On at least three different times over my life, I feel like I have been revisited, even though I left Elmwood and have moved several times. Maybe I was tagged or something. And yes, I am of sound mind. The last time was about ten years ago. I had this vivid dream of being in the air with bright lights. When I woke up in the morning, I had four unexplained bruises that were the size of nickels on my leg. It looked like I was grabbed.

I am wondering if maybe the more the information gets out there, the more that others like myself might come forward.

I have been doing some additional research. It is comforting to know some of this has been made public. I like what you guys are doing at In fact, I am wondering if maybe the more the information gets out there, the more that others like myself might come forward. Just reading all of this takes a lot of the fear away.

Submitted to in July 2019 by J. L.

Featured Photo by Artem Kovalev on Unsplash

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One Comment on “Massive Saucer over Elmwood, WI (1963)

  1. My name is Marlin Craker. I seen a saucer rite over my truck and it stayed ahead of me for a mile or so into Chippewa Falls. This happened at 7:56 pm on the way to pick up my son from his mother’s house. I was on county road J near Chippewa Springs water. My mother has the exact date ( I believe it was the first week in November 2016) and I drew a picture and wrote details. I would love to finally tell someone about it. It was large, low barely clearing tree tops, and it definitely wanted me to see it…it stayed in front of me on county rd J for at least a mile or better. It had one light in the bottom center that turned on slowly and got brighter and then slowly dimmed out and then slowly brighter and then dimmed out pattern. I also called the police and they had an investigator call me back the next day and ask the direction it was going and details. The part I don’t understand was that I did not see any traffic and as I came in to Chippewa Falls and went under the bridge and stopped at a gas station to look for some other person to witness it with me, as it was still low and flying more towards the river, there was just nobody around. It was almost like a ghost town which was so odd because County J and that gas station there on a Sunday night usually has traffic everywhere.


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