UFO near Rice Lake, WI

A recent report to the NUFORC website describes “three stationary red lights in the western skies” near Rice Lake, Wisconsin. The report picked up some local publicity when the area Country Radio station B105 featured it on their website.

Shortly after sunset, at 8:05 PM September 10, 2019, the witness observed the three lights forming a line in the sky. The intensity of the light seemed to oscillate or, in the witnesses words, “they appeared to be flashing very slightly.” The witness watched the lights for about five minutes before the first one turned white “and flickered away.” Less than a half a minute later, a second light turned white and disappeared, followed by the third.

My research turned up something more than the usual sightings made around the world … [the area] may indeed feature the highest number of such sightings on earth.

As far as UFO sightings go, it’s pretty tame. Unidentified nocturnal lights like this are not at all unusual, especially in today’s modern era of aircraft, satellites, and drones. A conventional explanation for the sighting is not hard to imagine. Nevertheless, that area of Western Wisconsin has a reputation for UFO encounters. In his 2004 article for Fate magazine, “Valley of the UFOs,” Frank Joseph observed, “My research turned up something more than the usual sightings made around the world … [the area] may indeed feature the highest number of such sightings on earth.” Joseph’s article focuses on UFO encounters and related unexplained phenomena in the vicinity of Ridgeland, WI extending south toward Elmwood.

From the same area as Ridgeland, UFOdays.net recently received an unsolicited story from Dallas, WI. The details are sparse, and the contributor didn’t provide a date for the event, but the story sounds like the genuine article, even if it does seem exactly like the opening sequence to several episodes of X Files. A young man and his date were out on a rural road “parking” near the little town of Dallas (population 409) when the unexpected appearance of a flying saucer interrupted their romantic evening. The object stayed within view of the vehicle for fifteen minutes, leaving the young couple “extremely shaken.” The couple remained deeply affected by the experience.

The Rice Lake report of hovering blinking lights is less sensational, but it follows a pattern. Apparently Rice Lake has had similar sightings previously. A NUFORC report from September 2016 described “stationary flashing lights, flashing red, blue, green and yellow, flashing rapidly. One disappeared as quick as it appeared.” A report from August 2017 describes a fly over of two “very slow moving, bright, orange-colored lights” that disappeared without warning. A Chetek family claimed to have been followed on Highway 53 on April 14, 2008 by a “tear-drop” shaped craft. The encounter took place near the Rice Lake airport. One of the witnesses described it as “larger than a semi” and shaped “like a sideways teardrop.” A review of airport surveillance tape revealed nothing unusual to substantiate the claims. The witness described multiple lights: blue, green and white lights, and a purple flashing light at the pointed end of the tear-drop shape. An entry in the Barron County Sherrif’s Department logs from the night says that “three officers saw it too,” but the police officers were not convinced that the lights they saw in the night sky belonged to something non-conventional.

UFO researchers maintain that over ninety percent of UFO reports can be ascribed to mis-identifications of conventional aircraft, drones, satellites, balloons, or natural astronomical and atmospheric phenomenon. The Rice Lake sightings most likely fall into one of those categories as well, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something strange moving around the Western Wisconsin skies.

Featured Image: Photo from a similar 2015 sighting in Texas. Not an actual photo from the Rice Lake sighting.

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2 Comments on “UFO near Rice Lake, WI

  1. I Have seen UFO about 5 or 6 times thru my life time and i have had some one with me every time, One time there was 4 of us that have seen 5 UFO,s at one time, I am Chet Golat from Ladysmith Wis and … and YES i would LOVE to tell my story. THANKs from Chet Golat.


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