Chippewa Falls Flying Saucer

The following UFO account was submitted to in November 2019. 

“I have only told a few friends and family about it, but they never say much. It’s tough to talk about because people think it’s impossible to have seen something like that,” says forty-four-year-old Marlin Craker. The incident took place on Sunday, November 4, 2016, around 8:00 PM. Craker was on his way to pick up his son from his mother’s house in Chippewa Falls. He first noticed the object while waiting at a stoplight near the Chippewa Springs Water distribution center. A saucer-shaped craft approached from behind his truck.

Holy Smokes! A Flying Saucer!

“It was large, flying low, barely clearing treetops, and it definitely wanted me to see it. It had one purplish light in the bottom center that turned on slowly and got brighter and then slowly dimmed out and then slowly brighter and then dimmed out in pattern.” The object came into view over the hood of the truck. “Holy smokes that is a flying saucer!” Craker realized, “And it’s right above the hood of my truck.” The object filled the upper left corner of his windshield.

What did the UFO look like? Craker says, “It was one hundred percent exactly what you would think a flying saucer would look like. I would guess it was 100 feet to 150 feet wide and roughly 30 feet top to bottom. I had to lean way forward up over my steering wheel and crank my head up to see it. I could see about two thirds of its round shape.”

The object moved slowly, “Maybe 5 mph I would guess.” Craker heard no audible sound emanating from the object as it approached. “I wish I had rolled down the window but for how big it was and how low it was I should have heard something you would think.”

Pursuit through Chippewa Falls

The stoplight turned green. Craker drove west on County Highway J in Chippewa Falls. The object quickly sped up, flying smoothly and steadily about 100 yards ahead of his truck. Craker accelerated to nearly 70 mph in pursuit, even though he was driving in a 35-mph zone. The object seemed to allow him to follow it for nearly a mile, staying some 100-200 yards ahead of his truck.

It was one hundred percent exactly what you would think a flying saucer would look like.

Lone Witness

Craker pursued the craft until the bridge in Chippewa. He pulled into the gas station across the street from Dressel’s Carwash (now Dynamite Auto) and jumped out of his truck, hoping to find someone else to witness the UFO with him. No other customer was at the pumps. “Nobody was at the gas station, the lights were on but not a soul to be seen … just really weird, usually a busy stretch of road and a fairly busy gas station but I felt oddly all alone. It was almost like a ghost town which was so odd because County J and that gas station there on a Sunday night usually has traffic everywhere.”

Craker watched as the UFO moved off into the distance. “I watched it continue over the Chippewa River and continue down the river towards Eau Claire along the same path the Fat Far Float is held every summer. I remember seeing the purplish light on the bottom of it continue slowly on and off as it disappeared out of sight. It stayed at that real low level the entire time I witnessed it.”

It’s tough to talk about because people think it’s impossible to have seen something like that.

Craker immediately phoned his parents house. His mother answered, and he told her about the spectacle he had just witnessed. “She still says she has never heard my voice the way I sounded that night.” Then he called the police to report the sighting. That same night he drew a picture of the craft and recorded the details. A police investigator returned his call the next day and asked a series of questions—which direction it was headed, the size, shape, color, speed, time of sighting and other info. Craker asked the investigator if anyone else had reported seeing the object. No one else had made a report. “I can’t believe nobody else seen it as it was huge, low in the sky, following the river towards Eau Claire, and it had that purple light going on and off.”

Craker wishes someone else had been with him that night to witness the object and corroborate his story. “I do not take drugs and was not drinking at all … totally sober. Another weird thing was that I never felt nervous or scared, just amazed and sooo excited. I’m not sure if it was from this world or some type of government experiment, but I one-hundred percent really seen it very, very close and it literally let me follow it for over a mile!” By sharing his story with, Craker hopes that other witnesses might come forward. He adds a final thought, “And no, I have never seen anything else like it ever!”

Submitted to in November 2019 by Marlin Craker

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