2020 Presidential Candidates and UFO Disclosure

Presidential candidates sometimes promise UFO disclosure to garner votes. Maybe the 2020 candidates should make a campaign stop in Elmwood, WI this summer for our annual UFO Days festival, the last weekend of July.

Recently, Minnesota’s Amy Klobuchar said that, if elected president, she’s going to bring more transparency to government investigations into UFOs. “I think we don’t know enough … And I think one of the things a president could do is to look into what’s there in terms of what does science say; what does our military say.”

Good luck with that Senator Klobuchar.

Klobuchar is not the first presidential hopeful to promise disclosure. In 2016, Hilary Clinton made similar campaign promises, saying, “I want to open the files as much as we can. I don’t know. I want to see what the information shows … [and] get to the bottom of it.” She didn’t get the chance to make good on that promise.

In this current race, Klobuchar’s disclosure promises are echoed by two other Democratic candidates. Bernie Sanders says that, if he finds evidence of aliens, he will make it public, but only if he wins, and only because his wife, Jane, asked him to. Sanders even promised Joe Rogan he would make the disclosure on his podcast. Similarly, Andrew Yang told CBS News he would declassify Area 51 if he could do so without harming the public. That’s not going to happen.

What about President Trump? Where does he stand on the UFO issue? After the President was briefed on the situation last summer, he said, “We have had people saying that they’ve seen things. I’m not a believer, but you know, I guess anything’s possible.” Today, anything does seem possible … except for full government disclosure.

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