The Phenomenon

We’ve been waiting for director James Fox’s new UFO documentary, The Phenomenon, for a long time. Today we learned it’s going to be released digitally on October 6, 2020. James Fox is the director who brought us the UFO documentaries Fifty Years of Denial (1997), Out of the Blue (2003), and I Know what I Saw (2009). For the last six years, he’s been working on a followup feature-film documentary titled “The Phenomenon.” It’s been subject to numerous delays and frustrations, but it’s finally going to be released, and we can’t wait to get out the popcorn.

Check out the trailer here:

Available Digitally Worldwide 10/6

The Phenomenon spans the UFO story from its debut in 1947 up until the most recent revelations. The film features eyewitness testimonies and interviews with big names including government figures like Senator Harry Reid, President Clinton, John Podesta, and Christopher Mellon. Military pilots like David Fravor of the 2004 Tic-tac incident will give their testimony, including an interview with a ninety-year-old pilot and former investigator with Project Blue Book. The trailer reveals that the film also features UFOlogists and journalists on the UFO beat like Dr. Jacques Vallee and Leslie Kean. The crew from To The Stars Academy will get some face time, as well several other regular contributors to the national dialogue. E.T. actor Peter Coyotes narrates the documentary.

The documentary will feature, among other stories, the 1994 Ariel School sighting Ruwa, Zimbabwe, an incident which is receiving it’s own feature length documentary in the competing film Ariel Phenomenon, directed by Randall Nickerson. Fox travelled to Ruwa to interview the original witnesses.

“These things are real, they’re here, this is happening now.

Chris Mellon, former United States Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence DoD

Fox filmed in China, Africa, Australia, South America, and all across the United States, and it’s been costly. The movie opens with a dramatic recreation of an encounter with a WWII Era fighter plane, an expensive scene to put on film. Fox set the production bar high, and that shows in the trailer. “I wanted it to look like 60 Minutes,” Fox says, a costly endeavor for an independent filmmaker. From time to time, during the production, he ran out of money and had to put the project on hold while he raised more funds. He had some other hiccups along the way, and as recently as this summer, a social media post from Fox expressed his exasperation with the studio, complaining that he was losing control of the film. Hopefully he’s happy with the final product. The film was supposed to receive a full theatrical release, but “due to the pandemic” we get to watch it digitally on the standard streaming platforms.

“The most important documentary of the year and the most accurate examination of the world’s greatest mystery.”

 – Jim Semivan, Former CIA officer, Senior Intelligence Service 

The film makes the case for disclosure by offering solid evidence for the UFO phenomenon and the government’s cover up of that evidence. World-famous UFOlogist Dr. Jacques Vallee (who worked closely with J. Allen Hynek) served as a consultant on the film. Vallee says, “Seventy years of secrecy has led to this. The most credible documentary ever made about UFOs.”

At the end of the trailer, Chris Mellon, former United States Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence at the U.S. Department of Defense, observes, “These things are real, they’re here, this is happening now.” That’s our line at “It’s happening.”

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