UFOs at The Tipping Point

Awareness of the reality of UFO phenomenon is at the tipping point in American society, and when it tips, it will force not just government disclosure, it will force us to rethink the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. A flurry of media attention after last week’s leak in the New York Times illustrates.

Many in the UFO community expressed their disappointment with the purported conclusions of the as-yet unreleased Pentagon report on Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) to the Senate Intelligence Committee. According to anonymous sources who have previewed the report, the government claims there is no evidence that the phenomenon is extra-terrestrial, but neither is evidence that it’s not. To the UFO faithful who have been hoping for nothing less than full government Disclosure with a capital D, this sounded like more obfuscation. But as we pointed out in last Thursday’s analysis piece, you just need to read between the lines. According to those anonymous leaking sources, the Pentagon report also states that some of the phenomena behaves and performs in a manner that defies physics and exceeds our level of technology.

China and Russia

The NYT article mentions the possibility that China or Russia is behind the UFOs. No one in a position to know seriously believes that. Least of all China who, last weekend, more-or-less admitted that they have their own UAP problems to contend with. They suspect American surveillance drones, and they’re probably right on most counts, but China has had bonified UFOs too, and they are in a new space race with the US to lead the way to disclose it. The Chinese military has created an Artificial Intelligence network to track and better identify the increasing number of “unidentified air conditions” they face. Former head of the Pentagons UFO program, Luis Elizondo, pointed out to Tucker Carlson and to the Washington Post that, after the iron curtain of the USSR fell, Russia conceded that they’ve been visited too and had their own programs and scientists trying to understand the mystery. “They were seeing exactly the same things in their skies that we were.”

Ain’t Saying it Ain’t

It hasn’t taken long for the American media and opinion-makers to start reading the subtext behind the unreleased Pentagon report. The leaked information indirectly implies that the government has already concluded that the phenomenon is not human. The government isn’t saying it’s aliens, but they are saying that it’s something for which we have no explanation.

The same morning the New York Times story went on newsstands (6/4/21), the CBS Morning Show crew “put two and two together” and lampooned the Pentagon’s “no evidence for extraterrestrials” dogma in the face of the inexplicable encounters.  

UFO History and Government Documents

CNN did a spot with Robert Powell of the Scientific Coalition for the study of UAPs, one of the most credible UFOlogists on the planet, to spell out the obvious. Powell said, “These are not US craft. So that leaves China, Russia, or some unknown intelligence … We have the most sophisticated radar, we have spy satellites all over the planet … if they came from China or Russia, by now, we would have figured it out.” That leaves only the possibility of “some unknown intelligence.”

Powell is holding back. He’s the co-author of UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry, the most-credible, sober-minded, and thoroughly-documented book in the field on the subject of what the US Government really knows (or used to know) about UFOs. Powell has the documents at his fingertips to demonstrate that government UFO investigations since the late 1940s have concluded that the phenomenon is real and does not belong to us or to foreign powers. Powell didn’t go there. Instead, he talked about the more recent Nimitz encounter and the Navy pilots’ encounter with a tic-tac shaped UFO.

Luis Elizondo, the former DOD UFO investigator who never seems to sleep as he appears almost daily on every major network and in the country, did go there and make the case that Powell didn’t. Elizondo went on the air with CNN and FOX NEWS to refute the idea that the unidentified flying objects encountered by our pilots could possibly be foreign technology. He provided CNN documents proving “that the US government has actually indeed been dealing with this issue for over seventy years.”

Extraordinary flying saucers were buzzing the United States military in the late 1940s. They appear to be the same type of thing still vexing our military today. So it’s not reasonable to say that Russia or China had obtained this technology seventy years ago. To prove his point, Elizondo presented CNN with CIA papers from 1953 that described Swedish airline pilots encountering a silver or white “flying lozenge” that sounds very much like the tic-tac of the 2004 Nimitz encounter. Likewise, a 1964 FBI report details a UFO described as a flying butane tank. Whether you call it a tic-tac, a lozenge, or a butane tank, all three sound like encounters with the same thing. Elizondo said, “If it turns out that this technology is not foreign adversarial, we need to be prepared to have that conversation … a whole of government conversation, frankly, a whole of society conversation.” Elizondo made the same claims in an extended interview with the Washington Post which is definitely worth your time.

High Confidence

That’s pretty much the same argument that former Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, made on FOX News. Ratcliffe repeated his previous statements that the government possesses evidence of many credible military encounters with the phenomena backed by radar and satellite data. He says, “Here’s what troubles me. A lot of people say maybe it’s Russia or China. But some of the things that have been publicly talked about, we know for a fact, from the Intelligence community, we have high confidence that things like transmedium properties, hypersonic speed, vehicles that go five times the speed of sound … Russia and China clearly didn’t have those in 2004 when some of these things were sighted and recorded. So we need to get explanations for them.” Ratcliffe suggested that Pentagon “ego” might obstruct disclosure of evidence.

Which Way the Wind is Blowing

Elizondo has threatened that, if the Pentagon Report denies the evidence or attempts a further cover up, he will run for Senate to force Disclosure through the political process. That’s probably not going to be necessary. With the media frenzy that is suddenly taking the great taboo seriously and with major government figures conceding that the phenomena exists and is unexplained, there’s a building momentum that even the alleged deep state would have a hard time hindering. No one is going to want to be the last person defending the indefensible. Expect to see a rush of officials who previously laughed off the UFO crowd suddenly claiming, “I’ve been saying it all along!”

UFO debunkers, who have the most to lose, are shuffling their feet uncomfortably. Other sceptics and scientists are cautiously rethinking their previous intransience over the subject. NASA, which traditionally snickers at the idea of flying saucers, has abruptly jumped into the ring. The new NASA administrator, Bill Nelson, is calling on the Space Administration’s scientific community to begin a serious investigation. Nelson says, “I was actually briefed on this a couple of years ago in my capacity on the Senate Armed Services Committee.” In a news conference covered by C-SPAN, NASA scientists made what could be construed to be progressive statements about the issue (starting at 00:22:32).

Celebrity astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson is well-known for throwing cold water on the ET hypothesis. He appeared on ABC with his usual charm and wit to deflect the possibility of extraterrestrial visitors. He complained about the lack of photographic evidence and questioned why the ETs would appear only to Navy pilots. Nevertheless, he hedged his bets a little bit by waxing long on the likelihood of the existence of extraterrestrial microbial life and even “intelligent” life, saying, “Are we the only intelligent life in the universe? Who decided that humans are intelligent? Humans did. That’s our own definition. How audacious of us to think that some other lifeform out there is as non-intelligent as we are on some cosmic scale of intelligence where we could be to them what worms are to us.”

In an almost introspective moment, Tyson spoke humbly about the unknown aspect of the phenomena: “If we confront something we don’t understand … if I did see lights in the sky or the Navy videos of maneuvering tic-tacs, I’d say, ‘I don’t know what that is. Let’s keep checking.’ Given how much money the Pentagon gets from our federal budget, I’d want some percentage of that budget to check on stuff in the sky to make sure we are secure against whatever that is.”’

More evidence of a massive sea change comes from renowned atheist and materialist-reductionist Sam Harris. Harris says, “The other shoe hasn’t quite dropped … what is being promised here is a disclosure … [that will not] give scientific sceptics any comfort. We are faced with the prospect of having to apologize to the people we’ve been laughing at for the last fifty years.” It seems to me like we’ve reached a watershed moment in the national conversation. It’s going to be very hard to get this cat back into the bag.

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