Report from UFO Days 2021

Elmwood’s UFO Days celebration is back. After a Covid-year hiatus, the festival seemed better than ever. I was on location for most of the weekend. The owners of the Wretched Raven shop hosted a table and gave us a base of operation. On Saturday, Tom Forster conducted his famous bus tour of area UFO sightings, while I was in the American Legion shelter introducing people to Elmwood’s UFO history.

I met lots of people, heard some new Elmwood-area UFO tales, ate too many cheese curds, drank too much AF beer, and had a splendid time. Here’s a video montage of the weekend.

It was especially fun to meet Steve and Karin Kreft of Sheboygen who came all the way to Elmwood to meet UFO experiencers. They are starting a new podcast called “Documenting the Unknown,” and they came to document it at Elmwood. They hit the jackpot. Not only did they learn about Elmwood’s weirdness, but they also happened to be visiting at the Wretched Raven when Gilda, the owner-proprietor, showed us an archive of old newspaper and magazine clippings pertaining to the Elmwood Encounters that goes back to the early 1970s. When the collection suffered water damage a few years ago and was about to be discarded, she volunteered to dry it and preserve it–which she did. Steve and Karin volunteered to scan and digitize the enormous collection of vintage documents. For our work here at, where we are in the business of telling the Elmwood UFO stories, this entire circumstance was a God-send.

All of this means that you can look forward to seeing a lot more of the old Elmwood UFO documents here at Moreover, we intend to work closely with Steven Kreft in preserving and telling the story and getting his podcast going.

Finally, I met several people with Elmwood-area UFO stories that I had not previously heard. (I was able to record one.) I also discovered that there’s a lot more stories waiting to be told. If you have a UFO encounter, get in touch with us and we’ll help write up and get it posted on We are especially interested in UFO stories from Minnesota and Western, WI, with special focus on the Eau Galle River Valley to the Saint Croix River Valley, including the stretch between Menomonie and Cumberland. You can choose to remain anonymous, and we will protect your privacy. Contact:

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