Elmwood UFO DAYS 2021

It’s almost time for UFO Days 2021. Last year, the festival was cancelled “due to the pandemic,” so we are excited to get back to the business of beer, cheese curds, and UFO burgers for the weekend of July 23-25.

Unfortunately, there will be no official UFO lectures on the subject this year, yet the Chicken Poop Bingo game continues uninterrupted. If Chicken Poop isn’t your thing, and you’re more interested in finding UFO content at a UFO festival, I would suggest the bus tours Saturday afternoon. Tom Forster will be conducting the popular UFO bus tour of the area to discuss the phenomenon and show us where his own Elmwood Encounters took place as well as those of George Wheeler and several others. Tom is the son of school teacher Carol Forster who was pursued by a UFO outside Elmwood; he was one of the children in the car that night in March 1975.

The bus tours are free, you just climb on board. The bus departs from the American Legion Park in Elmwood on the hour from 12:00-3:00 PM.

UFO Days button winner for 2021

During the bus tours, a few of the fellas from UFOdays.net plan to be camped out at the American Legion Shelter where we will be handing out literature pertaining to some of the more famous Elmwood stories and getting your stories too. Tell us your UFO stories.

For the rest of the festival (when we aren’t wandering around dazed and confused with a cold beverage in one hand and a basket of cheese curds in the other), we’ll be at The Wretched Raven, 116 South Main Street in downtown Elmwood. If you’ve had local UFO encounters you’d like to report and share on UFOdays.net, come talk to us at the Wretched Raven. Plan to do some shopping in The Wretched Raven too. It’s the only place in Western Wisconsin you’re going to find such a collection of cool novelty stuff in the sci-fi and fantasy genre.

Here’s the full schedule of events for the weekend:

Hope to see you there!

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One Comment on “Elmwood UFO DAYS 2021

  1. There was a lot of activities for everyone. Bus tours of sighting spots and the information Tom gave was great. Also UFO Brats out of this world. Do not miss this event next year. Last full weekend in July 2022.


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