Govt. UFO Documents Released

I haven’t been keeping readers of up to date with the latest UFO news. Since early summer 2021, there’s been so much mainstream media coverage that I have not felt the same urgency about the task. And it’s difficult to keep up with it all. But a headline from the US edition of The Sun, a major British tabloid and source of sensationalist news, has me jumping back into the game.

It’s the type of headline you might ordinarily be justified in completely ignoring: “XXX-FILES UFOs had sexual encounters with witnesses and left one woman PREGNANT, bombshell Pentagon docs wildly claim.” Sounds like supermarket tabloid silliness. But the headline is misleading. You need to read the story. There’s legitimate and credible information to be found therein.

The article is based on a successful FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request filed by THE SUN to obtain the records of the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Program (AATIP) which was formerly headed by Lu Elizondo.

The Sun apparently submitted the FOIA request for all “files, reports or video files” related to AATIP on December 18, 2017, shortly after the Keane and Blumenthal New York Times story revealed the existence of the secret program. More than four years later, the Pentagon capitulated and handed over 1,500 documents including government commissioned scientific reports and correspondence pertaining to AATIP and the associated Advances Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program (AAWSAP).

One set of documents attempts to catalog the range of physiological effects reported by UFO experiencers. It’s not an attempt to verify those reports, it’s just a classification system for cataloging the type of physiological symptoms that people report after their encounters. Hence the salacious headline in The Sun about the XXX-Files and getting impregnated by aliens. Don’t be put off by the sensationalism or tabloid-style journalism. This is a significant moment in the UFO story that raises lots of questions.

The same documents were released to other organizations who had filed the same FOIA requests. You can download the newly released government files and read them yourself here at the

We should be asking why the Pentagon decided to capitulate and yield up these documents now, four years after the initial requests were submitted. Since last summer, the DOD has been under intense pressure from congress to disclose what it knows about the UFO problem. Senator Kirstin Gillibrand (New York) worked with Senator Marco Rubio (Florida) to author an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that demands accountability. Gillibrand’s amendment, which passed into law, calls for the formal establishment of a government UFO office tasked with collecting UFO reports from all branches of government, submitting the reports to scientific investigation, and reporting the findings to congress. You can read about the amendment here.

The Pentagon is now on the hook to provide congress with regular reports about their findings. It seems possible that, under that increasing scrutiny and pressure, Pentagon officials eager to wash their hands of the cover up are releasing the AATIP files to deflect criticism. Since the secrecy of the AATIP program is already compromised, releasing its files to the public might be intended to satiate the demand for disclosure while allowing them to keep other information and research tucked away and classified.

The timing seems coincidental because the first follow up to last June’s Pentagon UFO Report to the Senate Intelligence Committee is now due. It’s also coincidental that, just a week ago, the government responded to a filing from John Greenwald of and released the classified Senate version of last June’s Pentagon UFO report, albeit heavily redacted with all the good parts blacked out. Despite the heavy redaction, the classified version of the report contained information about types of craft encountered, various shapes, sensor data, and satellite data.

Read the classified version of the Pentagon UFO report here.

It will be interesting to see what all is contained in the AATIP and AAWSAP files. The Sun reports charts for classifying types of UFO encounters and methods of collating UFO encounters with various types paranormal activity such as ghosts and near death experiences. Apparently there’s correspondence between Senator Harry Reed and the team, and information about the research contract awarded to Robert Bigelow. There’s also a slew of scientific papers speculating over how UFO propulsion systems might work and how to begin engineering the type of technology UFOs seem to present. It’s going to take a long time for researchers to sort through this data dump. We’ll let you know what they find here at

It’s what we’ve been telling you all along. It’s happening.

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  1. It’s amazing to think of all of the lives lost or destroyed in the wake of keeping this all secret. Seems they need another diversion to keep the masses from really paying attention. Ive always known about these beings since the cradle. Problem is they really have little regard for human life were just cattle to most of the races of EBE.

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