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Govt. UFO Documents Released

The Pentagon released a stash of documents relating to their no-longer secret UFO Program.

GOVT UFO Report Released

The unclassified version of the UAP Report to Senate Intelligence Committee is now available. Read it here.

UFO Disclosure in 2021?

This is what UFO disclosure looks like. Read this update on developments toward UFO disclosure for the first quarter of 2021. Get caught up on the latest UFO national news with the latest Pentagon leaks.

New York Times UFO Crash Retrievals

Government Disclosure about UFOs took another big step forward today with the revelation of an ongoing aerial phenomenon study program hidden away inside the Office of Navy Intelligence. The cat keeps coming out of the bag in piecemeal Disclosure. A brand-new piece in The… Continue Reading “New York Times UFO Crash Retrievals”

Senate Intelligence Committee Demands UFO Disclosure

Senate Intelligence Committee Demands Disclosure