Rep. Mark Walker wants answers from Navy about UFOs

More evidence that it’s happening.

Representative Mark Walker of North Carolina, a top official on the House Homeland Security Committee, wants clearer answers and information from the Navy regarding the alleged UFO incursions into American airspace. Politico and The Drive both covered the story on July 30, and

Walker, a ranking member of the Intelligence and Counterterrorism Subcommittee, addressed his concerns in a July 16 letter to Navy secretary Richard Spencer. Those concerns revolve around assessing the threat level. Walker writes, “If the accounts are true, the unidentified crafts could pose a serious security risk to our military personnel and defense apparatus.” Walker points out that reports of pilot encounters described “complex flight patterns and advanced maneuvering, which demand extreme advances in quantum mechanics, nuclear science, electromagnetics, and thermodynamics.”

The letter requests more information, asking the Navy for any substantiating evidence they have of unidentified aerial phenomenon and for information about the process by which Navy reports are reviewed. Walker stated, “While I am encouraged by the Navy’s proactive decision to draft new guidelines for reporting, I am concerned these reports are not being fully investigated or understood.” He asks some specific questions we would all like to see answered:

  • Since the decision to end the AATIP, has the Department continued to both log reports/sightings and fully investigate the origins of the accounts?
  • Does the Department continue to dedicate resources to tracking and investigating the claims? If so, to what measure?

In addition to asking for any corroborating evidence, Walker’s letter asks if the Department is aware of private companies or foreign nations who have made progress in aero physics—in other words, “Do we know if anyone else is working on figuring out how to hack UFO tech?”.

The Walker letter indicates that UFOs are being taken seriously by the government for the first time since the end of Project Bluebook in 1970. Will the Navy be forthcoming with its reports? Don’t hold your breath. Earlier this year, the navy implemented new reporting procedures for pilots and navy personnel encountering UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena). On the surface that seems encouraging, but in reality, by officially acknowledging such reports, it also gives the Navy the power to clamp down a secrecy lid through security oaths, avoiding the type of leaks that led to the publication of the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group encounters in 2004 and the The Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group’s story in 2014. But who knows, in today’s information age and era of political upheavals,  political pressure like Rep. Walker’s might make a difference. This isn’t exactly how the UFO community imagined disclosure occurring, but we’ll take whatever we can get.

You can download the letter here: UAPLetter.

Representative Walker appeared on FOX News’ Tucker Carlson to discuss the request and some of his concerns:

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