New Video from To The Stars Academy

To the Stars Academy of Arts & Science has released a new video in which they more-or-less take credit for the current resurgence of UFO media attention.  Despite being a well-produced commercial for the Academy, it’s a great video and worth watching.

The self-congratulatory video features members of the Academy,  former employee of the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Luis Elizondo and former Deputy Assistant to the Secretary of Defense Christopher Mellon, discussing recent developments since the Navy’s acknowledgements of  pilot encounters with UFOs. Elizondo tantalizes viewers with the claim that the US government has in its possession materials from UFOs, but he doesn’t offer any further explanation for the claim.

The video doubles as a fundraiser for To The Stars Academy and as a commercial for the new History Channel show, “Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation” which was produced in cooperation with To the Stars and its founder, former rock star Tom Delonge.

Setting aside the hype, To The Stars can claim responsibility for three primary disclosures:

  • The secret Pentagon program investigating unknown aerial phenomena for which Elizondo once worked.
  • The now-famous gun-camera footage from Navy fighter jets which was probably misidentified heat signatures from conventional craft.
  • The Navy pilot reports from the pilots and crew members of the two carrier strike groups to have reported contact with unknown flying objects.

The most significant of the three is the last one which has been the main thrust of the new History Channel series and the impetus for new Navy reporting standards.

The video concludes with Elizondo musing, “Maybe this is the beginning of the end of this mystery, or maybe this is the end of the beginning.” In any case, the video demonstrates that UFO Days are back and “It’s happening.”

One Comment on “New Video from To The Stars Academy

  1. Totally agree that there has been a cover-up UFO and USO and the way technology is moving at a very fast pace we are not the only forms of life in the universe and the technology we do not have the capability to understand. with up engineering that has taken place since the second world war and the Germany science


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