UFOs Accidental Apocalypse

UFOs could trigger India-Pakistan Nuclear War

UFO activity over Indian and Pakistani nuclear sites could trigger a nuclear war. That’s the subject of a recent book titled Accidental Apocalypse: UFOs and National Security, by Sabir Hussain, director of the Indian Society for UFOs (INSUFOS).

India and Pakistan continually teeter on the brink of war with heavy nuclear arsenals pointed at each other. Hussain’s book posits that UFO activity over India-Pakistan nuclear sites might easily be misinterpreted by the respective military warning systems, possibly triggering a nuclear war. Hussain cites numerous examples from the long history of UFO interaction with nuclear weapon sites as evidence of the problem. There’s a pretty consistent pattern of UFOs nosing around our nuclear arsenals and throwing military bases into panic.

In view of the cold-war-like brinkmanship between the India and Pakistan, Hussain fears that such UFO activity might be mistaken as an enemy attack, and those responsible for early-warnings might launch a retaliation. Hussain brought that warning to India’s Supreme Court in 2016, urging the government to educate the security apparatus so that those responsible for reacting to invasions of airspace might think twice before pushing the big red button, and he has pushed that agenda again in 2019. Listen to an audio file of Hussain’s appeal and recommendations here:

A recent article on Medium.com reports that notables like Luis Elizondo, former director of the Pentagon’s secret UFO investigations, Dr. Harold Puthoff of the government’s secret “remote viewing” experiments, Ricardo Bermudez, the Air Force General of Chile, and former US Air Force officers have joined the effort to avert an accidental apocalypse by writing letters to India’s Supreme Court in support of Hussain’s campaign.

Hussain asks the Indian government to conduct a UFO training symposium training for military and government officials, to set up a transparent research committee to investigate the phenomenon, and to cooperate with the UN in UFO research. As a further incentive, he holds up the hope of eventually harnessing UFO technology to end fossil fuel dependence. Hussain declares dramatically, “The decision of the Supreme Court will decide and define the fate of the human race.”

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2 Comments on “UFOs Accidental Apocalypse

  1. There are currently, and for many years, NO nuclear weapon capability available to ANY individual, nation, state, organization, including our own country BECAUSE OF
    the benevolent interference by our Inner-Earth & Off-World Kin.
    & #WeThePeoplesALLIANCE, with awesome folks like those from the Sphere Being Alliance, are currently in the process of disclosing this and many other facts and advanced techniques that will surely ‘shock & awe’ many across our world who are still unaware of all the good news❗️
    Hope to meet with U’ALL real soon.


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