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Happy World UFO Day!

Here’s to one year of publishing UFO stories. Yes, we started this venture twelve months ago, on World UFO Day. We dedicated the website to covering legit UFO News and to publishing local UFO stories from Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. In addition, we’re all about special days and celebrations associated with the UFO phenomenon, so World UFO Day is right up our alley. Thanks for being being a reader of, and thanks for sharing our stories with your friends.

So what is World UFO Day? The UFO community can’t even decide when it is, much less what it is. Two dates, just over a week apart, compete for the title of World UFO Day.

July 2, World UFO Day

For reasons that are not entirely clear, July 2 is designated “World UFO Day.” We don’t know who originally created World UFO Day or why they chose July 2. According to the internet, the date was chosen to commemorate the day of the famous Roswell crash in 1947. That theory doesn’t work well because the so-called saucer crash occurred in June, not July. The army announced the recovery of the crashed object on July 8, 1947, and the press release (mistakenly) claimed that the disc had crashed in early July–but it never designated a date.


June 24, World UFO Day

Not everyone celebrates July 2 as World UFO Day. There’s a contender for the date that makes more sense. Many UFO geeks choose to celebrate World UFO Day on June 24, the anniversary of the day that private pilot Kenneth Arnold saw nine flying objects in the air near Mount Rainier. That sighting introduced the term “flying saucer” to the world and brought the UFO wave of 1947 into the public eye. The incident marked the beginning of the Era of the Flying Saucer, so June 24 would make an appropriate date for World UFO Day.

An Amazing Synchronicity

Somehow, we managed to unintentionally hit both of those dates with the launch of this website. By complete coincidence, June 24, 2019 was the date on which we created, registered the URL, created our logo, and posted our first articles. We waited about a week before announcing ourselves to the world. On July 2, 2019, we publicly launched the site and promoted it to the organizers of the annual Elmwood, WI, UFO Days celebration for which the website is named. (The website is, more-or-less, an unofficial fan site promoting the annual UFO Days festival.)

… another of those bizarre coincidences and synchronicities which surround the phenomenon.

We didn’t plan to launch on World UFO Day. In fact, none of us even knew about the day. How our website, which is called “,” inadvertently managed to open shop on not just one but on both of the possible World UFO Days is another of those bizarre coincidences and synchronicities which surround the phenomenon.

Fantastic First Year

cropped-30368325_padded_logo-3.pngOver the last twelve months, we have had 37,000 unique visitors and 51,000 views. Not too shabby for our first year. This post counts as number 78, meaning we’ve been posting on average five times a month. (It’s actually been a lot more sporadic than that, it ebbs and flows with the amount of news.) Our most popular post, by far, was the Dan Rather video about Elmwood which went viral and received over 10,000 views. But the other 41,000 views have been garnered the good old-fashioned way—primarily through our Facebook portal:

We have had 37,000 unique visitors and 51,000 views. Not too shabby for our first year.

We cover the national UFO news beat and the Minnesota and Western Wisconsin local UFO scene. We sort through UFO news, separating out the silver from the dross, so that you can be confident that you’re reading the truth and not sensationalist craziness. We also do a lot of research into real UFO history, particularly the local history, such as the Elmwood encounters. In addition, true to our name, we cover stories about UFO Day celebrations—not the least of which is the original UFO Days in Elmwood, WI. In non-pandemic years, you can attend UFO Days the last weekend in July.

We’ve kept our readers up to date every step of the way. It’s like we keep saying, “It’s happening!”

It’s been a fantastic year for UFO news. For the first time in fifty years when the Air Force closed Project Bluebook, UFOs have garnered serious attention from the government and from the mainstream media. We could not have picked a better year to get into this gig. Over the last twelve months, revelations about the reality of the UFO phenomenon have been featured in every major news outlet and become part of the national conversation. We’ve seen major steps toward UFO disclosure, admissions from the Navy and Air Force, Senate briefings, and more. We’ve kept our readers up to date every step of the way. Last week’s announcement about the Senate Intelligence Committee demanding public disclosure from the DOD and our intelligence agencies is, arguably, the biggest UFO news story since flying saucers buzzed the nation’s capital in 1952. It was a heck of a story to cap off one year of UFO reporting. It’s like we keep saying, “It’s happening!”

World-UFO-Day-Raleigh-1-1160x786Despite all the excitement on the national front, we haven’t lost sight of the local scene. We continue to feature stories about encounters submitted from our local readers. We also write up local cases that we stumble over in our research, professionally documenting them, lest we forget why we celebrate UFO Days and why we refer to the village of Elmwood as the UFO Capital of the World.

All of the content on is completely free. We don’t sell advertising or any merchandise, and all of the contributors are volunteers. How can you help? If you enjoy reading, do us a huge favor and introduce us to your friends, share our stories, and like us on Facebook. Link to our stories and promote this website. And if you have a legit local UFO story to share, let us know. 

Happy World UFO Day, and happy birthday Let’s make Year Two of bigger and better.

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