More Elmwood-Ellsworth UFO Stories

Roger Weber and Marge Hartung Stories

“People think you’re nuts, but when you see something, you see something. I don’t know if it’s a UFO or our government. But there is something there, and it gives you an eerie feeling,” said Roger Weber, a salesman for Durand Implement in Elmwood, WI. “If they want to think I’m nuts, they can think I’m nuts.”

In the same 1988 issue of Agri-View reporting Weber’s story, an Elmwood village board member estimated that there had been “roughly 30 sightings of UFOs in the Elmwood area, most in the 1970s.” Weber’s stories account for at least two of those, and a few of them belong to his neighbors.

Weber’s first UFO encounter occurred as a witness to the famous Carole Forster story on March 2, 1975. The Carole Forster story was part of the local UFO Flap of 1975. Weber was visiting his mother’s farm home between Eau Galle and Elmwood on the night schoolteacher, Carole Forster, pulled into the driveway to evade the pursuing UFO.

Weber came out to see what the trouble was. Forster pointed out the light that had followed her and her children for several miles along the highway. Weber observed it, as did his two children, Jon and Laurie. It clearly wasn’t a star. Weber suggested it might be some sort of satellite.

Reassured and feeling a bit embarrassed over the matter, Forster asked Weber to keep the incident to himself. She and her children continued their journey home, but they had not been gone more than a few minutes when Weber heard a car horn blaring. Forster backed up the highway, driving backwards, blasting her horn. She turned into the driveway. She and her children were terrified. She told Weber about how the light had descended in front of their car, intercepting them as they tried to drive home. It wasn’t a satellite. She described it as “two saucers that had been put together … with lights all around it.”

She could point to the object which remained still visible hovering above the tree line, glowing orange. Weber offered escort the Forster family to their home. He drove in front to make sure they arrived home safely, keeping an eye on the glowing object.

Agri-View article 2/19/1988

Thirteen years later, speaking to a reporter for the Agri-View, Weber recalled that drive to the Forster home. He said the bright object followed them for some distance before abruptly accelerating away. “I’d never seen anything travel as fast as that when it finally decided to go,” he said.

That wasn’t Weber’s last experience with the phenomena. A few years later, he had another unexplainable encounter, this time near his own home. He saw a half-dozen bright lights circling in a nearby field. “I was scared,” he admitted. “I was wondering what was going to happen.” The bright orbs resembled mercury vapor yard lights. They made no sound at all. He watched them circle about for twenty minutes before they all took off over a hill and disappeared.

Weber’s neighbor, Marge Hartung, saw the lights too. She and her husband used to farm on Country Trunk C next door to the Webers. Hartung also reported periodically seeing strange lights on the hillside. She said her children would go out in the morning and climb the wooded hillside looking for the source of the previous night’s lightshow, but they never found anything.

Hartung’s first encounter with the phenomenon, however, took place a decade earlier in 1967. She and her husband Jerry were on their way home from her sister’s wedding dance. As they drove the highway between Prescott and Ellsworth, she saw “a flashing object about as tall as a silo and the size of a milk house” hanging in the sky.

Wisconsin Dairy Farm Milk House

If I am understanding her bucolic comparisons to dairy farm structures correctly, that would suggest a 15-foot diameter object hovering between thirty and fifty feet in the air. Her story inspired a few snide remarks. Hartung said people tried to dismiss the story by suggesting that “she’d been whooping it up at the dance,” but she protested that she doesn’t drink. “I never went anywhere for a while there without my head turned to the sky. I was scared, yet I was still so interested,” Hartung said. She admitted that “some people chuckle” at her story, but she “pays them no mind.”

Source: Jane Fyksen, “Farmers Tell of Strange Encounters,” and “Elmwood Parking Lot for Aliens,” Agri-View (2/19/1988).

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  1. Their home is our home. They have been here longer than we have. they do not need to land or show themselves to us, they already have. Some people know them and who they are. Most people are stopped short of that knowledge..Angels and aliens will keep this planet safe.


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