Air Force UFO Spy and Piecemeal Disclosure

How are we supposed to believe anything this guy says?

Richard Doty was a featured speaker at a recent UFO convention (UFO Mega Con in Laughlin, NV), and after his presentation, he sat down for an exclusive interview to Mystery Wire’s George Knapp. You should watch the interview. Doty says some wild stuff. He believes that the MJ12 documents (although fake) have some basis in reality, that Area 51 has a UFO connection in the form of a secret satellite surveillance program that has possibly photographed extraterrestrial craft, that Bob Lazar’s stories are probably mostly accurate maybe, that there really is some deep government conspiracy that swallows up UFO evidence, and that UFOs pose a credible threat to national security.

The man sounds credible (except the dodgy endorsement of Bob Lazar for the sake of Knapp which Doty avoids by clarifying that he did not have access to the same levels of Area 51 as Lazar would have been working). But honestly, why should we believe him now? Read More

Govt Program Disclosure: UFO’s are Real

If you’ve been waiting for an official government Disclosure about the existence of UFOs, a new investigative piece of journalism from Popular Mechanics just beat the government to the punch. The long and in-depth article titled “Inside the Pentagon’s Secret UFO Program” reveals the origin and history of the formerly secret Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) and its involvement with defense contractor Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS). It’s a long read but here’s the quick short version: UFOs are real, the government knows it, has plenty of evidence to prove it, but it doesn’t want to admit it, doesn’t know how deal with it, and doesn’t know what to do about it. Read More

Weyauwega UFO Photos

In February 2003, a woman and her son watched a UFO pass overhead in Weyauwega, a small Wisconsin town about fifty miles west of Green Bay. The woman happened to have a camera in hand and snapped two shots, capturing an image which seems to depict the underside of a saucer-shaped craft bearing three triangular-spaced white lights and dimmer red light set off from the others.

I just remember my son asking me over and over what it was, and I didn’t have a clue.

A recent post at UFO Insight brought this intriguing 2003 story and its accompanying photos to our attention. According to the original report in UFO Roundup (Vol. 8., No. 9, 2003), the photographer asked to remain anonymous, but she did relate the story of how she acquired the photographs.

The anonymous woman reported, “My son and I were visiting a friend of mine in Weyauwega, Wis. (population 1,806). The general location was just north of Main Street on the east side of Highway 110 and south of the Wisconsin Central Railroad tracks. My boy was sledding in the snow, and I was taking pictures. It was in the evening and starting to get dark pretty quickly. My son pointed up to the sky, and we noticed some lights coming in from what I believe was the southwest.”

Her son wanted to know what the object was. It must have been moving silently because, initially, she assumed it was some type of balloon. Fortunately, she had been taking photographs with a digital camera—probably photos of her son sledding in the snow. She already had it in hand as the lights approached.

I just pointed the camera and took shots … As the object passed, I could make out more of a disk shape than a balloon shape.

p2003_0201_weyauwega edit
A Disc Shaped Object February, 2003


A second photo as the object moved away.

“At this point, I just pointed the camera and took shots. The object really gave us the impression of a balloon, except for the lights. The object passed almost directly overhead and then headed south towards the train tracks. As the object passed, I could make out more of a disk shape than a balloon shape. I just remember my son asking me over and over what it was, and I didn’t have a clue.”

Usually a clear picture of a UFO or Flying Saucer is a clear indication of a hoax. People have been creating fake UFO pictures since July 1947, not more than a week after national newspapers picked up the first flying saucer story. Ever since then, reliable witnesses tend to produce poor quality pictures whereas sharp, clear pictures that look too good to be true almost always turn out to be hoaxes and publicity stunts. I hope that rule does not apply in the case of the Weyauwega, WI pictures. Since the woman who saw the UFO asked to remain anonymous, it’s hardly a publicity stunt. It would be nice to believe that, for once, someone caught a UFO on film.

If anyone in Weyauwega knows more about the original witnesses or how to contact them, let us know at It’s been 17 years. Maybe the mother and son are ready to be identified.

Chippewa Falls Flying Saucer

The following UFO account was submitted to in November 2019. 

“I have only told a few friends and family about it, but they never say much. It’s tough to talk about because people think it’s impossible to have seen something like that,” says forty-four-year-old Marlin Craker. The incident took place on Sunday, November 4, 2016, around 8:00 PM. Craker was on his way to pick up his son from his mother’s house in Chippewa Falls. He first noticed the object while waiting at a stoplight near the Chippewa Springs Water distribution center. A saucer-shaped craft approached from behind his truck.

Holy Smokes! A Flying Saucer!

“It was large, flying low, barely clearing treetops, and it definitely wanted me to see it. It had one purplish light in the bottom center that turned on slowly and got brighter and Read More

2020 Presidential Candidates and UFO Disclosure

Presidential candidates sometimes promise UFO disclosure to garner votes. Maybe the 2020 candidates should make a campaign stop in Elmwood, WI this summer for our annual UFO Days festival, the last weekend of July.

Recently, Minnesota’s Amy Klobuchar said that, if elected president, she’s going to bring more transparency to government investigations into UFOs. “I think we don’t know enough … And I think one of the things a president could do is to look into what’s there in terms of what does science say; what does our military say.” Read More

Rise in UFO Reports in 2019

I have never seen a UFO or flying saucer or nocturnal light that I thought might be extra-planetary. Not until May of 2019, at my home on Minnesota’s North Shore of Lake Superior.

It was Memorial Day weekend, and my wife, our son, and our daughter-in-law were out on the deck stargazing. I was inside with the grandson. Suddenly I heard their voices excitedly calling for me to join them.

I hurried out, grandson in hand, and there in the sky I beheld it! Wonder of Wonders! A fleet of unidentified flying objects streaking across the sky in a linear formation. I confidently declared, “It’s either a new technology we have never before seen or something extraterrestrial.” Read More

MN MUFON Featured on TPT

Twin Cities Public Television released a feature on the Minnesota chapter of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network). The public television station brought their cameras to one of the organizations monthly meetings in New Brighton last fall to capture footage for an episode of the “MN Niche” segment. Those sharing an interest in aerial phenomena enough to attend a MUFON meeting or become members of the organization certainly qualify as a unique “niche,” so the title fits. 

The short video segment, just under five minutes, offers a quick montage of clips from the meeting interspersed with short interviews including Tom Maher, the MN Mufon State Director, and several other notables from the chapter. You can watch the video here. Read More

Flying Saucer on MN North Shore

The year 1979 was a big year for UFOs in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. Several of the stories featured on focus on the local UFO Flap of 1979. Here’s one from a reliable witness, along with his sketch of the encounter.

Jeremy Liebig (yes, that is his real name, and, no, it does not reduce his credibility) had an eerie encounter with glowing orbs near Minnesota’s North Shore in the early 2000s, but it wasn’t his first UFO encounter. His first sighting on the North Shore occurred when he was just six years old, not long before the Val Johnson story and the ensuing UFO Flap of 1979.

That fall, Jeremy recorded the incident in his elementary school journal. Read More

When You See Those Flying Saucers has a new favorite song: “When You See Those Flying Saucers.”

It’s a hit from 1947, the year that the flying saucers made their dramatic debut over North America. The song has long since passed into the public domain. Someone created a video by adding clips from the 1956 movie “UFOs: The True Story of Flying Saucers.” The clips accurately depict the national mood during the 1947 UFO wave. We’ve added a historical note on the front end and subtitled the video with the lyrics.

Flying Saucers first burst into public notoriety in June of 1947 when pilot Kenneth Arnold’s story about nine glinting saucer-like craft passing Mount Rainier at tremendous speed was picked up by newspapers all over the country. It turned out that Arnold’s sighting was neither the first nor the last. Read More

Orbs of Light Haunt MN Campers

Minnesotans Report Strange Encounters with Glowing Orbs of Light

Enter the words “glowing balls of light” or “white orb of light” into a Google Search engine and it’s going to lead you to a 2006 UFO story from Northern Minnesota titled “Bright White Orb of Light: Have You Seen These Too?” The story is posted by Kate P. on the new-age website Kate P. identifies herself as “a dental hygienist, pyrography artist, avid gardener, writer, vegetarian, and world traveler.” In addition, she may be one of the world’s foremost authority on the strange phenomenon of the ghostly hovering orbs of light that account for a large number of UFO sightings.

Bright Orb in the Night

Kate’s story happened thirteen years ago, in the summer of 2006, on a camping trip with her family somewhere along the one of the hiking trails in the forests of Northern Minnesota. The family was not far from Lake Superior and the famous Highway 61. Read More