Another UFO DAY: Warren, MN

Mayor Mara Hanel of Warren, MN has proclaimed August 27 to be “UFO Day.” The northwest Minnesota town of Warren joins Elmwood, WI and Bellville, WI in hosting small-town UFO Day celebrations. Like the celebrations in Elmwood and Bellville, the new event in Warren commemorates a high-profile encounter between local law enforcement and an unidentified object.

The incident in Warren, MN happened forty years ago on August 27, 1979, when a nocturnal light apparently collided with Marshall County Sheriff’s deputy Val Johnson’s patrol car. The story was widely reported and nationally circulated. It has become the most-famous of all Minnesota UFO encounters

Around 1:40 AM that day, Deputy Sheriff Val Johnson of Warren, MN was patrolling near Stephen, MN when he saw a bright light approaching from the distance. Assuming it to be a plane making an emergency landing, he sped toward the light. “The light sat there a moment,” Johnson told CUFOS investigators, “And then—boom!—it was right on my car. I heard glass breaking, an extremely bright light lit up the inside of the car, and that’s all I remember.” When the officer came to, he found his squad car sitting sideways in the road with a broken windshield, a broken headlamp, and two bent radio antennas. The deputy’s wristwatch and electric dashboard clock had stopped Read More

New Video from To The Stars Academy

To the Stars Academy of Arts & Science has released a new video in which they more-or-less take credit for the current resurgence of UFO media attention.  Despite being a well-produced commercial for the Academy, it’s a great video and worth watching.

The self-congratulatory video features members of the Academy,  former employee of the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Luis Elizondo and former Deputy Assistant to the Secretary of Defense Christopher Mellon, discussing recent developments since the Navy’s acknowledgements of  pilot encounters with UFOs. Elizondo tantalizes viewers with the claim that the US government has in its possession materials from UFOs, but he doesn’t offer any further explanation for the claim.

The video doubles as a fundraiser for To The Stars Academy and as a commercial for the new History Channel show, “Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation” which was produced in cooperation with To the Stars and its founder, former rock star Tom Delonge.

Setting aside the hype, To The Stars can claim responsibility for three primary disclosures: Read More

The Other UFO Days-Belleville, WI

Did you know that Elmwood is not the only small town in Wisconsin to have had a high-profile UFO incident with a police officer that inspired an annual UFO Days festival?

Police officer, Glen Kazmar spotted a clump of red, white, and blue lights hovering over the town of Belleville, WI on January 15, 1987. Later that same night, he spotted the lights again from a high point on “Quarry Road” (which sounds a lot like the place where George Wheeler had his encounter) three or four miles west of Belleville. Local FAA was contacted, and radar contact with a slow-moving object was confirmed from Chicago and Aurora, Ill. Deputies in Dane and Green counties also saw the lights. By 3:00 AM that night, four police cars were observing the object from the top of Quarry Road. As the lights started to move west, Kazmar followed the object as far as Monticello.

That sighting, confirmed by several police officers from a variety of vantage points, became the first in a series of local UFO events that lasted until March. The highest concentration seems to have been around New Glarus, WI. The short UFO flap around Belleville inspired the local town to make their own bid for the title “UFO Capital of the World” and start their own UFO Day celebration. That’s how we ended up with two competing Wisconsin towns both claiming the spurious title of “UFO Capital of the World” and both capitalizing off their own local high-profile sightings with an annual festival.

Here’s a Chicago Tribune story from 1987 which retells the story of the original sightings from earlier that year and also reveals the growing local enthusiasm which eventually became Belleville’s version of UFO Days.

There are some strong similarities between the stories. Both involve police officers. Both involved an ongoing flurry of UFO appearances. Both had serious follow-up investigations. Both resulted in an annual small-town celebration of the extra-terrestrial.

It’s difficult to say if Belleville intentionally patterned its event after Elmwood’s earlier-established tradition, but Belleville’s Johnny-come-lately festival probably didn’t win much affection or appreciation from the residents of Elmwood or the organizers behind that small town’s UFO Days event. By the time the Belleville encounters occurred, 12 years had already elapsed since George Wheeler first saw a UFO at Elmwood, and Elmwood’s annual UFO Days had already been going for a decade and achieved national acclaim. But we’re not going to get involved in the rivalry. There’s plenty of UFO Days and plenty of beer to go around for everyone because it’s just getting started: “It’s happening.”

Belleville’s UFO Day is the last Saturday in October.

Valley of the UFOS (Ridgeland, WI)

By Frank Joseph

Fate Magazine, Feb 2004 vol. 7, No. 2, Issue 646: 34-39. Subscribe to Fate.

For most of my life, I never saw a so-called unidentified flying object—I didn’t know if such a thing actually existed, nor did I much care. My father was amateur astronomer, whose handmade telescopes afforded our family summertime observations of the night sky during my boyhood, but no unworldly craft ever hove into view.

Throughout the rest of my life, I knew men and women who claimed to have seen strange phenomena in the heavens suggesting visitations from another planet. But I was not personally privy to the extraterrestrial encounters of any kind until my early 50s when I rented an old log house in a remote area of northwestern Wisconsin. The thickly forested area was sparsely populated, mostly spread over disconnected farmland, much of it destitute, in a valley running east to west for about 30 miles.

Alone in Rural Wisconsin

The small village of Ridgeland was some five miles to the north, although Menomonie Read More

Gun Camera Videos Solved?

The most famous UFO video in recent years may actually just be the flare of a a jet when viewed with an infrared camera. Mick West, a self-proclaimed “debunker” and “skeptic” with a Youtube following has offered a strong argument making that case:

The Gimbal video is infrared gun-camera footage apparently declassified by the Pentagon before being  publicized and disseminated by To The Stars Academy in conjunction with the 2017 New York Times story. On closer examination, it appears that the mysterious footage may just be the result of viewing another jet in infrared mode.

This explanation is probably disappointing for those of us excited by the release of the video along with the New York Times story on the Pentagon’s secret program to study the phenomenon, but without context and more information, it’s safest to assume that the video only appears to depict something unconventional. This would explain why the defense establishment, which is notoriously tightfisted with actually UFO evidence, felt no need to keep these videos classified.

Even the seemingly inexplicable in-flight rotation of the object has a conventional explanation:

Hopefully, improved infrared sensors, soon to be deployed on Navy aircraft, will provide better and mores solid evidence in the future.

Mick West’s work on these videos is similar to the case with the infrared gun-camera  footage released by the Chilean Navy in early 2017. That video, which went viral on the internet overnight, depicted infrared footage of an unidentified object venting some substance. (Chem-trails? Aliens seeding earth’s atmosphere?) Closer investigation of the strange video by Robert Powell of MUFON’s Scientific Review Board revealed it to be merely the heat flare of a commercial aircraft. It would be great to hear Robert Powell’s assessment of these videos, but, unfortunately, he bailed out of MUFON in 2017 for various reasons that allegedly included their choice of sensationalist speakers at a 2017 conference–part of MUFON’s ongoing recent problems with credibility.

It get’s worse. Mick West has also analyzed the so-called “Go Fast” video which was also released by To the Stars and also featured on the History Channel’s new UFO series. He presents an extremely compelling case for identifying the unidentified object as a balloon moving in the wind. Sounds unlikely? Watch the video:

And what about the celebrated “Tic-Tac” video shot by the Nimitz crew? Well, that looks pretty much just like a regular commercial jet too:

In each of these videos, we are dealing with flight crews still learning how to use the latest in infrared sensor technology. That means that the pilots are still learning  how to interpret the data and might easily be mistaking conventional targets for something extraordinary. It also explains why the Pentagon did not hesitate to declassify these videos.

Don’t expect the UFO community to relinquish extraterrestrial claims about these now iconic videos–ever. History has proven that, no matter how plausible the explanation, how verifiable the data, or how blatant the fraud, UFO enthusiasts resist conventional explanations. But real scientific analysis of the phenomenon has no room for religious dogmatism or blind belligerence, and Mick West’s explanations are far more economical in terms of commonsense credibility than the expensive UFO interpretations.

Just because “I want to believe” doesn’t justify  ignoring contrary evidence.

You can rely on us at to give you the real story, without the hype. When plausible explanations are presented for the phenomenon, we won’t hesitate to offer them. We are  committed to the facts because the facts speak for themselves: It’s happening.


Wisconsin UFOs: Watch the Sky

Paranormal investigator Chad Lewis will present the program “Wisconsin UFOs: Watch The Sky” at 6 p.m. Thursday at the Chippewa Falls Public Library.

Alright, we don’t know who Chad Lewis is, but at, you just need to put the words “Wisconson” and “UFOs” into the same headline and we are there. A quick google search on Lewis reveals that he is a paranormal jack-of-all-trades. But hey, what else are you going to do on a Thursday night?

Rep. Mark Walker wants answers from Navy about UFOs

More evidence that it’s happening.

Representative Mark Walker of North Carolina, a top official on the House Homeland Security Committee, wants clearer answers and information from the Navy regarding the alleged UFO incursions into American airspace. Politico and The Drive both covered the story on July 30, and

Walker, a ranking member of the Intelligence and Counterterrorism Subcommittee, addressed his concerns in a July 16 letter to Navy secretary Richard Spencer. Those concerns revolve around assessing the threat level. Walker writes, “If the accounts are true, the unidentified crafts could pose a serious security risk to our military personnel and defense apparatus.” Walker points out that reports of pilot encounters described “complex flight patterns and advanced maneuvering, which demand extreme advances in quantum mechanics, nuclear science, electromagnetics, and thermodynamics.”

The letter requests more information, asking the Navy for any substantiating evidence Read More

MUFON Investigates Hudson UFO Case

Wisconsin witness reports UFO ‘launches two triangles’

Originally posted on Open Minds by Roger marsh, November 15, 2016

A Wisconsin witness at Hudson reported watching two triangular-shaped craft with lights on each corner that both hovered and exhibited “extreme rapid movement,” according to testimony in Case 80030 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness was outside smoking a cigarette when a stationary craft – too far away to identify – appeared in the southern sky near Hudson, that launched two small, triangular craft.

“Each craft had a light on each corner,” the witness stated.“They moved very rapidly from south to east, would hover, and then move rapidly back and forth in mostly the eastern and southern sky. The event lasted over Read More

UFOs Back in the News

It’s happening!

UFOs are back in the news and UFO Days are here again, both in Elmwood, Wisconsin and in the broader national dialogue. Are you keeping up with the story?

If you’re like most people who attend Elmwood’s UFO Days, you’re curious about UFOs and want to keep up with latest UFO news, both local and national, but who has time to sort through all the crazy stuff to get to the real story? At, we’ll keep you posted with credible and sober-minded updates about the local UFO scene and worldwide phenomenon. You just need to visit the free website: and follow us to stay up-to-date with the latest.

Navy, Media, and Government

So far, the year 2019 has been an amazing year of progress and serious developments in the national dialogue about Unidentified Flying Objects (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon). In the first half of the year, we have had testimony from Navy pilots and sailors about encounters off American shorelines and over military installations. These testimonies have forced the Navy to begin taking the phenomenon seriously and to admit that there really is something going on in our airspace. The President and members of congress have been briefed, and the Navy has now begun to require formal reports from pilots and sailors who Read More

Trump Briefed on UFOs

You know “it’s happening” when the President of the United States is being briefed on Navy encounters with UFOs. When ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos asked Trump about the subject, he replied, somewhat disjointedly, that he did have “one really brief meeting on it. People are saying they’re seeing UFOs. Do I believe it? Not particularly … I think our great pilots would know, and some of them really see things that are a little bit different than in the past.”

It’s difficult to ascertain exactly what that last remark is supposed to mean, but it seemed to suggest that, yes, there are pilots reporting visual contact with UFOs, and the report has made its way up the chain to the White House. Trump confirmed that much in a later interview.

In a subsequent interview with Tucker Carlson of Fox News, Trump said, “Personally I doubt it, but, you have people who swear by it. Pilots have come in and said, and these are pilots that not into that particular world, but we have had people saying that they’ve seen things. I’m not a believer, but you know, I guess anything’s possible.”

At the very least, the fact that the president has been briefed indicates that the UFO sightings are being treated as matter of national security, something that has been off the table since the close of Project Blue Book in 1970.